Tips on Adding Humor to a Speech

1. Write your Speech

Now, you may say to yourself, well I’m not a comedy writer. I don’t write jokes. I’m a presenter, I’m a speaker, I’m an author, I’m a business person.
First and foremost, write your speech. Then think about a humorous story you can incorporate into it.
It could be about yourself, it could be something you read, something you heard, just to break the ice with the audience.
Because everyone can relate to humour.
For example, I was asked to give a wedding speech about 12 years ago to a very good friend of mine and his bride, and they wanted me to make a toast.
So I said to myself, what can I do different to make this stand out?
Toast? Toaster. I went out, picked up a new toaster, put toast into it and while I was speaking I said just a second I have to make my official toast.
Brought the toaster up, flipped the bread out and got great laughs from the audience. Then I went into my speech.
2. Add a prop to your speech to add humour.
Think about about a prop that will add humour to your speech.
For example, if you really want to drive a point home, at that point, you pull out a hammer.
Just little things will help you add some humour to your speech
Did you find these tips on adding humour to a presentation helpful?
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