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Check out this video done by Earl from Vocal Power to learn more about how to breathe naturally when engaging in 
Learning how to breathe naturally is a tip to take into consideration when delivering a speech or engaging in public speaking.
It’s easier than you think and it can really make a difference because it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Earl’s public speaking workshops offer his participants the chance to become more comfortable in their own skin and be more confident in their abilities.
Today I want to talk to you about breathing. Now, we all breathe naturally through our chest area, but unfortunately that’s improper if you’re going to public speak.
Because you need the full breath to project, and where do we get that from? We get that from here, the area between the belly button and the bottom of our rib cage. The diaphragm.
The diaphragm is a muscle, and you have to learn to work the muscle properly. I want to show you the difference between breathing naturally and the diaphragm way.

Put your hand on your chest area and say “Good Afternoon”
Try it again, do you feel the vibration? If you do, then you are breathing not the proper way, but you should be breathing properly if you’re going to public speak.

Remember you want to carry breath, you want to be able to gradually give all the breath you can to your voice so you can project.
Put your hand on that area between your ribcage and your belly button. I want you to take a breath in through your nose, feel that area rise- exhale. Do you feel it? Try it again, and say good afternoon.

Take a breath in through your nose. “Good Afternoon”
You should feel the vibration through there. Opera singers hold themselves there, why? They want to feel every note as they sing. They want to control their breath. The idea behind breathing through the diaphragm is to control your breath, so you can call on it when you need it in when you public speaking.

Now the best exercise for this is to do the following:

  1. Lay down on the floor
  2. Place some books where your diaphragm would be located (between your ribcage and your belly button)
  3. Breathe in through your nose and then exhale by counting or singing.
  4. Watch the books rise and fall

Practice these breathing exercises and you’ll become a better speaker.

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