Media Training


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Date:  To Be Confirmed
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

This program can be taught in a one-day or two-day format. It is offered at our downtown Toronto location or can be scheduled at your office. This program will be created as a public workshop in the future.

NOTE: The agenda is essentially the same for the one and two-day media training classes. In the two-day media training course, the content covered is more in-depth and there is more time for people to practice the techniques.

Media Training Program Agenda

  • The objective of the program is to help you be more strategic, in a disciplined way to improve your media coverage and respond to inquiries. You will learn how to:
  • Handle media inquiries from all sources – radio, TV, print, and over the telephone.
  • Establish ground rules
  • Break the ice with the media
  • Craft your media message and bridging message points that apply to positive or negative situations.
  • Develop media talking notes – your script
  • Develop your vocal personality
  • Be an effective listening habits
  • Deliver a 15-second sound bite for TV and Radio
  • Handle the media huddle  after  or before an event
  • Assume control in crisis communications
  • Use the art of repetition
  • Convey the correct body language
  • Sit down for a TV interview and be aware of the camera (as it sees everything!)
  • Handle questions and in particular, learn how to identify a loaded question before you answer it.
  • Deal with hostile interviewers
  • Reduce nervousness and increase your self-confidence
  • Look great on TV (appropriate wardrobe, make-up, nails, and hair – for both men and women!)

There will be practice (notice the verb – meaning ‘action’) interviews on camera and critiques for each participant.

TIP: When a journalist calls you, do not take the interview immediately to ensure that you can prepare your thoughts and be in control. We suggest your ask to schedule it to the following morning or even in an half hour. Spontaneous phone interviews can turn into a media nightmare for your organization, and you personally.


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