Presentation Skills

Date: ​To Be Confirmed

To be heard and understood are common challenges that many people face. Public speaking is the top anxiety with over 74% people fearful of speaking in front of others whether it is in a presentation with their manager at work or to a group.

Unfortunately, not everyone has kissed the Baloney Stone in Ireland and was blessed with the “gift of eloquence” which is also known as the “gift of the gab”! Fortunately, you can learn effective communication skills to consistently speak effectively in small or large groups.

Your voice must communicate effectively in both social and business settings.

Presentation skills are key for everyone, whether you are an employee, business owner or student. Whether you are making a powerful presentation which for many is often hard to do well or participating during a meeting, public speaking is a daunting challenge

Presentation Skill Workshop Agenda

This workshop has been designed to help you learn “how” to prepare for any type of presentation. Whether the audience is for one, 10, 50, or even 500 people you will learn how to connect with your body and voice, and leave the right impression – every time!

In your presentation skills training you will learn how to:

  • Present any information in a clear concise manner
  • Use your voice as a power full tool for voice projection, diction, and persuasiveness
  • Create a strong confidence zone  to overcome nervousness
  • Visualize your presentation so you speak with emotion, clarity, and consistent confidence
  • Build content for your presentations that convey your message  with maximum  impact
  • Use visual or audio to enhance your material
  • Audience interaction, building  rapport  & audience understanding

This workshop can be presented at your office or at our training centre in downtown Toronto. It is also offered as a public workshop and one-on-one coaching.